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NGO Shukrana Foundation is a Haryana based,of more than 20 dynamic volunteers from different walks of life and background, working since years for the welfare of the society, where it focuses on orphans, health and needy people. Empowerment of women, environmental concerns and other causes also vary widely. Founded by Karan Mehra Rajput, with a vision to provide a platform for like-minded people to connect and serve together; It runs on a non-profit basis without any aid. It is associated with many prestigious organizations and individuals; And has been in news from time to time for various achievements in his field.

NGO Shukrana Foundation : We Live For Others... started on 23 May 2022. Founded by today's successful businessman and entrepreneur Karan Mehra Rajput at the age of 25. And he started 'living for others'. One hand founded later joined by friends, friends of friends, followed by a chain and now formal recruitment process.

Established with the vision of 'doing small things with great love' rather than 'doing big things alone'; It wanted to provide a platform for like-minded enthusiasts. Moving towards the all round development of the society, it dreamed of bridging the gap between the needy and the food givers. It works to bring great changes in the society.

Known for its best qualities like consistency, honesty, teamwork, leadership, equality and transparency, it makes itself different and special from all the people of today.

NGO Shukrana Foundation :

We Live For Others...

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